Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Instagram

  1. Avoid listing static prices or even estimated prices as it's against Amazon's terms
    to mention.

    Avoid using a basic, and old looking website design, invest in a high quality theme
    and have clear and large call to action buttons.

Avoid using dates on your articles, you don't want people thinking your content is
out of date.

Avoid using short content to try and get aliate clinks, you need content of over 1,000
words to get trust before someone clicks.

5 Avoid using ‘Exact Match Domains' based around keywords instead of a branded domain.
Avoid keyword stung your content just to appeal to search engines, it must appeal 6 to your readers.
Avoid forgetting to include the Amazon Associate aliate disclaimer, it's an instant ban
from the network! 7
Avoid only having product reviews on your website as this looks like you only care 8 about making money, include supporting content.
9 Avoid using pictures other than the ones Amazon provides for you to use.

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